That Was Fast

Today was a lesson in things going wrong, fast. And then quickly correcting themselves.

The ultrasound this morning showed I’m ready to trigger my sad and lonely follicle. It grew from 14.2 to 20.2 in two days.

I had a panicky moment this morning upon the realization that I hadn’t ordered the sperm yet. What can I say, I wasn’t expecting my follicle to grow that fast. They never have in the past! My follicles generally grow about 1mm every two days, so I was expecting something around 15, maybe 16.

But I, cool customer that I am, quickly rang up the cryobank to rush order the sperm…only to find out that the sperm we wanted to order (new donor) was out. Dammit! Someone took my vials! Then, while I was all in a tizzy trying to figure out what other donor to order, the lady at the cryobank told me my clinic doesn’t accept same day delivery of donor sperm. I may or may not have let a few “fuck”s slip out, which the cryobank representative was too professional to acknowledge. (Thanks lady answering the phones at 7AM for the cryobank!)

I called the fertility clinic on the other line, and immediately launched into a sob story of how quickly my follicles grew, and I didn’t KNOW and could they PLEASE accept same day delivery JUST THIS ONE TIME, etc. etc. The andrology assistant let me run through my whole melodramatic spiel, only to tell me that the cryobank was confused, they do accept same day delivery. Well. All right then.

All’s well that ends well, as the sperm got ordered, and we’re all set for IUI Saturday and Sunday (waiting on confirmation from my bloodwork but I’m sure that’s what’s happening).

Cross all your bits for me!

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