Ahoy, you Dumb Ovaries!

It was definitely negative. The Hope Monster had crept back into my brain, telling me I was a late implanter! That was going to have a healthy pregnancy! With TWINS! but of course, I wasn’t, and I’m not.

Tammy and I spoke with the doctor this afternoon, and we have decided to move forward with IVF. As the doctor said, I should be pregnant by now and they aren’t sure why I’m not. She also told me I shouldn’t waste my money on another IUI cycle. Can’t get clearer than that.

As for the timing, she’s having to check to see if we can move ahead with this month, due to our committment April 25-26th. She does want to put me on birth control for 2-3 weeks, and 3 weeks might be pushing it, especially if my period decides to stay away for a few days. But IF my period starts by Wednesday, and IF she thinks less time on BC might be OK, we’re moving full steam ahead with IVF. Or, as my fertility nurse put it, “we’re going to really blast your eggs”. Blast away, matey!

Ship Battle

(Artistic rendering of my reproductive organs in a few weeks. Not to scale.)

3 thoughts on “Ahoy, you Dumb Ovaries!

  1. I’m sorry your IUI didn’t work, but I’m really pleased you’re going forward with ivf. I’ve logged every step of my ivf journey so you know what to expect. Best of luck and can’t wait for your updates!

  2. Egh. I’m sorry that IUI #10 didn’t work. No good words for that. It just sucks.

    I’m glad you all decided to move on to IVF. I hope the forward progress is providing some peace. Is there some part of you that is excited? The IVF should provide you guys with great chances. Probably the best you’ve ever had. Get your ovaries ready for some excitement!!

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