It looks like we’re ready to move forward with IVF! Huzzah! So now we just have to pick which program to be in, which is why I am soliciting your brilliant brains.

What would you do if you were me?

2 Fresh Cycles
As many FETs as you have embryos for
No money back if you don’t get pregnant/stay pregnant

6 Fresh Cycles
As many FETs as you have embryos for
If you don’t bring a baby home from the hospital after your 6 Fresh and X number of FETs, you get 100% of your money back

Other helpful information:
– The doctor doesn’t think I would need more than two cycles to get/stay pregnant. But they’ve been wrong before…
– The cost of medication would be the same for both options, and is an additional cost – around $2,000 – $3,000 per fresh cycle ($400 per FET).
– Both programs require up front payment, in full.
– If I use all the cycles for Option B, it would be cheaper per cycle. But if I get pregnant on the first try (haha! I crack myself up) I would be spending more per try.
– Have I mentioned I hate gambling?

So, what would you do if you were me? ARRRGHHH this is the worst. Trying to gamble on my crappy uterus and ovaries!


7 thoughts on “ADVICE PLZ

  1. Oh goodness. I have no idea. I hate gambling, too. This may be a stupid question (although, I know, there are no stupid questions). But, say you get pregnant on cycle one of option B. Do you get to save the other cycles, so to speak, for future pregnancy(ies) should you two decide to want them? I am totally in the dark about this stuff.

    • I think you have to use your tries within a set period of time. I think a year or two for each program? I think? That’s a good point though, and I should get that clarified. Although if you have frozens you can save those indefinitely.

  2. I think you answered your own question… You hate gambling… So it’s definitely option B. if you have the money…. Because that’s a lot of money… The way I see it 5K more for 4 extra fresh transfers is nothing. Not when it’s 17K for 2!!! It seems silly to go for anything other than option b… Unless money is an issue in which case there is more to think about. I guess you have to ask yourself if you do get pregnant on your first go having chosen option b are you going to be bitter or upset about spending the 22K?? What happens if you get pregnant and then miscarry on cycle 2 of the 6? Can you keep trying till you take home a baby?? I’d find that out too. It’s difficult but I think if you don’t like gambling the 5K to virtually guarentee a baby is nothing… What else is going through your mind in terms of factors to consider?? X

      • eek, thats a much harder decision to make. we are sort of in a similar situation, i dont have much time left and its a question of whether or not we cary on with IUIs whilst we wait for IVF treatment. I guess only you two can decide. you have to weigh up if you will be able to afford the debt, or afford to wait and save. It’s such a hard choice. What does your head say? and what does your heart say??

  3. I think option b sounds like ‘better value for money’!! And if you did option 1 and got pg 2nd go wouldn’t you be more stressed out worrying about m/c as it was your ‘last one’? Having said that it is a lot of money but have to ask yourself if you were pg would your first thought be ‘oh god, wish we hadn’t wasted that money, we really need it now’ or ‘I don’t give a damn, I’m pg!’ tough one! xx

    • My first thought would be “oh please let this stick”. I would care less about the money spent, but we don’t really have the money in the first place – have to borrow it/take out a loan. That extra 5k is a lot more to borrow, but not in the big picture. UGH!

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