A Big Gay Rainbow

Two fabulous videos to watch on the New Zealand parliament vote to allow gay marriage there.

The first is what happens when the votes are read.

The second is a speech from an MP the day after the vote.

Why can’t we have elected officials like this?

4 thoughts on “A Big Gay Rainbow

  1. That is awesome! The part where everyone started singing was a real cinematic moment.

    I wish we had elected officials like that, too. I will never understand how people can be opposed to two people in love getting married and being happy together. One day soon, most people will see the gay rights struggle as similar to the civil rights struggle in the ’60’s. Not allowing gay marriage is discrimination, pure and simple.

  2. As a New Zealander who was watching the speeches with fixed attention I just have to point out that Maurice Williamson’s speech was part of the third reading (before the final vote)… and yes it was awesome. We have had some wonderful speeches through the 3 readings that really made me proud of my country. Yay marriage equality!

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