Like a Sleeping Baby

Thank you, lovees, for your helpful suggestions yesterday. Last night I had a snack before bed (whole wheat toast with peanut butter), took a unisom, put in ear plugs, and went to sleep, blissful sleep. I only woke up three times to pee. While I wouldn’t say I feel like a new woman, I DO feel like I can function and that I remember my own name. Which is a marked improvement. I’ll take waking up 3 times versus waking up 10 times for all and sundry reasons any day of the week.

I do feel a little silly for freaking out yesterday on my blog. A gigantic THANK YOU and a hearty smooch to everyone for not pointing out that a) it was only two nights, so, you know, buck up and b) I’m going to have a baby (knock on every type of wood available) in threeish months, and perhaps I should get used to sleep deprivation?

Because here’s the thing: both of those thoughts had occurred to me, even in my befuddled state. YES, it was only two nights. Apparently (she said, sheepishly) I had a bit of a panic attack that this was my new reality and how would I function and OMG what if my heart just exploded like one of those Japanese executives that work 20 hour days and end up keeled over in front of my cubicle or oh God what if I’m at home and Tammy’s out of town and the cat runs out of food and eats me and they discover my partially eaten body days later? …like I said, I don’t do so well without sleep.

Which brings me to the next point, which is that we’re going to have a baby soon, and babies, despite being delicious, are not widely known for their sustained sleeping. I am aware of this fact, and have gone into this pregnancy with my eyes open about the difficulties we will face once the baby is here (and there are plenty, believe me). I know that sleeping will be a challenge, I know that. But first of all, I won’t be having to get up for work like I am now (for at least three months, hopefully four if we can swing it financially). And right now (subject to change), we are anticipating that I will sleep in the guest room with the baby in a bassinet once Tammy goes back to work (after two or three weeks) so that she can be in charge of basically everything except feeding and wiping baby bum until I can get my metaphorical feet on the metaphorical ground. We’re basically anticipating that I will be completely useless around the house (cooking, cleaning, laundry, conversating, etc) for a while. Thus my freezer meals. And my parents helping out around the house.

And, hey. We could end up with a good sleeper. I was, apparently. My mom said by like two weeks I was going down around 7, sleeping until midnight, waking up then to be fed, and then sleeping again until 5 or so. After the early morning feeding I would fall back asleep and go until 8 or 9. Why, that’s downright civilized for a two-week old! As much as my parents like to cackle about me getting a child just like I was (read: a handful), in this instance I hope they are right.

5 thoughts on “Like a Sleeping Baby

  1. I’m so glad you slept well! 🙂 it sounds like you have an awesome post-partum plan. That’s so important. I have a worksheet that I go through with my clients around 6 months so they can develop a plan. A good plan in place is awesome in the way of PPD prevention.

  2. I’m glad you’re feeling better. I’ve heard some moms get oddly energetic when the newborn comes home and don’t find the nighttime feedings/changings to be that bad, but that may vary.

    I was also a good baby, not crying at all (I’d whimper), which is what I hope to pass on to my little one (who is at least a year away from trying to be brought into existence). I can deal with little sleep much better than non-stop crying.

  3. Yay to getting a good sleep!! I hope your baby is a good sleeper, too. I did not get a good sleeper, despite the fact that I myself slept through the night at 6 weeks old (according to my mom). I hope karma is kinder to you.

    That said, you just adjust to less sleep. I used to be one of those “8 hours a night or I’m a miserable b!tch” kind of people, but moms are remarkably resilient and our bodies just adjust. Yours will, too. I’m sure of it!

  4. Hey, I just found your blog. You had me at the ‘awesome/asshole’ cat part as we have a dog that I think might be related. I’ve been speeding through the last few months of your story and I have really enjoyed it, thanks for sharing in an honest and amusing way. I too feared that my parents would die (in an awful fiery car car wreck whenever they went out with me). This has morphed into a similar fear concerning my wife and the motorbike and I’m sure will multiply if we manage to grow our little family. I also have mun-do fears regarding almost every aspect of making, cooking, delivering and raising babies- some of which even I can see are fairly irrational. It’s nice to know I’m not alone 😀 I’m looking forward to hearing what happens next.

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