What I Can Remember (Off the Top of My Head) #Microblog

Words Ellie can say, at 16 months old, in no particular order:

Baker the Kitty Cat (Bae Kii Caa)
Banana (nanna)
All done (aah daaah) (also her first word) (she can also sign this)
Grandpa (Guh-pa)
Don’t touch that (Doh tuh daaah)*
Dog (arf arf)
Outside (OUSIIIIIIE) (always said with enthusiasm)
Water (wah)
Yellow (lalloh)
More (emphatically signed)
Shirt (shit) (yes, we find that funny)
That (dah) (as in, I want that)

I know she’s got more but I can’t remember them. Shit. This is why I write a blog, so I can remember things. Whatever. It’s early and Tammy’s been sick for two weeks (sinus infection) and Ellie is cutting molars and my brain is overtaxed. But those are some of the words she knows – maybe half of the list? If I remember more later I’ll try to update the post.

She also understands pretty much everything we say. I can ask her yes or no questions and she’ll respond appropriately with a head nod or shake. She also understands the word and/or sign for pain, and we had a whole conversation about how her mouth hurt the other day (molars). Poor baby.

*Apparently we say this a lot; so much so that she’s picked up on it and uses it regularly in her rotation. She says it after arranging her face in a pseudo concerned expression, and she WAGS HER FINGER AT US. Lordy. We do not wag our fingers at her so I’m not sure how she picked that up. Daycare? Daycare is very convenient to blame things on. Let’s go with daycare. Anyway, she’s also started using “don’t touch that” to her advantage, when she wants something we’ve got. She’ll come up and scold us not to touch something, so she can have it. Umm, I think not, child.** That is SO not how this works, but I’ll give you an A for effort.

**As Sheryl Sandberg says, she’s got executive leadership skills.

1 thought on “What I Can Remember (Off the Top of My Head) #Microblog

  1. Good to hear from you! That’s fun that Ellie is talking and understanding so much. And the finger-wagging story is awesome! We blame lots of things on daycare, too…

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