Deliriously Tired, Deliriously Happy

Baby Ellie* was born at 7:36 AM on Saturday, February 1st. She was 8lbs, 6oz, and had a full head of hair. Birth story to follow, probably in a few parts. The short story is that labor was not what I was expecting. So much more painful and traumatic, but so much more astonishing, magical and awe inspiring at the same time.


*Ellie is not her real name. It is however, a play on her real name and the one we’ve decided to use for the blog. For reasons of privacy and self-comfort, Tammy and I have decided not to share her real name. I hope you understand that this is not done in an effort to keep you out of an important part of our life, but to protect our daughter from some of the scarier elements of the world.

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