First Scan of the First IVF

I had my first scan this morning for my first IVF cycle. After 3 nights of injections, here’s what I’ve got:

11 follicles on the right all under 10mm
7 follicles on the left all under 10mm
Lining is about a 5

They’ll call me with my blood work results this afternoon and let me know if I need to make adjustments in my med dosage.

I have no idea if this is good or not. I asked the (pregnant) woman doing my scan, and she said it was a “good start”. I asked if she expected all of my follicles to grow, and she said not all but most. And maybe at different rates, so not all those that grow will end up being mature. I guess that puts me roughly on track to have between 10-15 mature eggs at retrieval?

Well, this has been a thrilling update. Try to stay calm, everyone.

UPDATE: The doctor’s office just called. I have to add more of one of my meds tonight, as my estrogen is only at 125. Fuck. Is this bad? Fuck. I think it’s bad. My fingers are ITCHING to ask Dr. Google what the fuck this means (IT MEANS SOMETHING BAD!!!) but I need to step away from the keyboard.

3 thoughts on “First Scan of the First IVF

  1. 125 is not bad. Anything over 100 is good at this point. What dose did they originally have you on? During my first cycle my first check was 350 and I ended up a little high at the end and they had to ween me off of it. I started at 300iu Gonal F. This time they started me at 225 Gonal F and I started out a little low so they increased it to 300 on Day 4. The rule of thumb here (at most clinics) is that they do want to see it double every 48 hours and I think the goal number is 2,000. My last check before my ER was just under 1,500 so they left me on the medication for 1 more day just so I got above the marker before my trigger.

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