Milk Cow and Expectations

2 posts in 2 days! Cha-ching! I’m awesome!!

Mini drama this morning around pumping. I pump at work, and haul my pumping crap back and forth every day. Not that big of a deal, except that it’s heavy and bulky and I walk 15 minutes to the train from our house and 15 minutes to my office once I’m off the train. Ugh it actually is kind of a big annoying deal. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. Mini drama. I went into my office’s “mother’s room” to do my first pump of the day and realized I had forgotten those white membrane things which, naturally, are essential to the pump’s operation.
BP membrane

These things.

In my defense, I packed my bag while my coffee was brewing this morning (therefore before any caffeine hit my bloodstream). Anyway, once I realized, I totally panicked and called Tammy, who remembered that this breastfeeding support group place (offer classes, lactation consultants, etc) has an office a few blocks from my work. I dashed over there, bought the membranes, and made it back to my office in 20 minutes.


If you are lucky enough to have a kid (or kids) are you the type of parent you thought you would be? I’m obviously very new at this parenting thing, but I’m much more of a softie than I expected. Sleep training just about finished me. I spent the first few nights feeling like I was going to throw up. Listening to her cry is excruciating.

I also thought I’d be much more up to date on when Ellie should be hitting certain milestones (reaching, grabbing, rolling over, etc) but I actually have only a vague idea when she should be doing these things. And I really don’t care. Isn’t that amazing? Uptight, neurotic ol’ me, not lining up 20 pediatric experts to asses where my child’s development falls.

Something else I thought I’d be neurotic about is sterilization of bottles and other things she puts in her mouth. We were SUPER anal about washing and sterilizing all toys/bottles/etc before she was born and now I’m like, eh, running bottles through the dishwasher totally works. It’s hot water, right?

Of course, Ellie has confounded all of my expectations about what having a baby would be like, simply by being who she is: contrary, high maintenance, funny, particular, loving, energetic, and utterly, entirely her own person who has wants and needs separate from my own. (I know. The nerve.)

What about you all? Has anything surprised you about your parenting style?

7 thoughts on “Milk Cow and Expectations

  1. Well, I definitely thought I’d be a softie, and I am!!! I cannot handle hearing my daughter cry beyond a minute or so (when I’m putting her in her carseat, changing her when she doesn’t want me to, etc.). I have to pick her up immediately when she gets grumbly. Hopefully I’ll get over that by the time she’s a teenager.
    I’m with you on the milestones. I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to when she’s supposed to be doing what. I just know what’s probably next (rolling from belly to back, laughing out loud– so close!) and it’s fun to try to encourage that next step.
    Another thing I didn’t expect: I thought I’d only dress my baby in the “cute” clothes I have for her, but after she poops on outfit #1 and spits up all over outfit #2, I have no problem slapping on that “I love mommy” onesie with the creepy cats all over it or the pink sleeper that looks like hair bows threw up all over it. Whatever is clean and easy to take on and off!

    • YES! I totally thought I’d have a pristine, cutely dressed baby all the time. That lasted like 2 days. Now I live by the motto that if it’s not bothering her, it’s not bothering me. Just a little bit of spit up? It’ll dry! Plus, I’m big into her being comfy. Why bother with all the scratchy ruffles, etc? She’s just going to poop on it!

  2. How frustrating about the pump parts! But nice problem-solving! And, funnily enough, I did almost exactly the same thing on Friday, only what I had forgotten was the tops for the bottles! I ended up emptying a tupperware from my lunch and pouring the pumped milk into that…

  3. LOL I’m comforted to read your posts. I’m so glad to hear you’re not perfect either, and the rinsing thing really cracked me up. Screw all the perfect, gloating parents! We do our best, and there’s a shit load of love in our house. It’s almost always a mess chez nous, toddlers are notorious for bringing hurricanes through freshly organized rooms, toy boxes, book shelves, and piles of clean laundry. My daughter will be 2 in a week and she still drinks from a bottle at least once a day, because she likes it Ave because she weaned off the boob 6 months ago. It’s the only somewhat snuggle time we get, so it’s mostly a selfish choice to not wean her off the bottle unless she wants to. I repeat, screw them all! 😉 xx

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