The Next Person to Say “It Only Takes One…”

Morning monitoring showed I have ONE lazy dopey follicle growing. All of the other follicles are too small to measure. Fuck a whole lot of that. Seriously. Fuck it.

It was just sitting there with a big, shit eating grin on its folliclular face. Asshole.

I’ve never gotten pregnant with one follicle, and in theory, I make one follicle on my own. Remind me again why I’m paying all this money and injecting myself with all these drugs to make ONE measly follicle?! So unbelievably frustrating.

And it makes me worry for an IVF cycle. How can they guarantee I won’t develop ONE egg to retrieve?

I wish I hadn’t gotten out of bed this morning. What a waste. Thanks to my broken body for failing me, once again.

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